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Recherche et enseignement supérieur

The Catholic theological study has a long tradition in Croatia, and the Catholic Theological Faculty was one of the founders of the Zagreb University. It was expelled from the University after the Second World War, during the communist rule. In 1991, it became again part of the University of Zagreb, and is now publicly funded. Although it has a public status, and is a part of the public higher education, the Theological Faculty also follows the rules of the Catholic Church. Other public universities in Croatia also include Catholic theological faculties or departments.

The Croatian Catholic University, as a private university, was founded in 2006, and started to work in 2010. For now, it offers five study programs : sociology, psychology, history, communication sciences, and nursing. The University if partly funded by the state.

The Evangelical Theological study was founded in 1976 as a private institution, but as protestants are minority in Croatia, it only had a small number of students. In 2011, it signed an agreement with the University of Zagreb by which the Evangelical study becomes a publicly recognized study, and from 2017 it is organized as the University Centre for Protestant Theology of the University of Zagreb.

Judaism is studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb. There are some other private higher education institutions owned by other religious communities, but they are not part of the public higher education system.

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