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La loi sur les communautés de foi

The Act on Faith Communities (1969) replaced the Law on Christian Dissenters (1845), and stipulates the rules of establishment of faith communities, who can join, and the legal competences admitted to faith communities. § 1 of the Act provides that everyone can establish faith communities, as long as “rights and seemliness” are not violated by such establishment, a requirement that is further sharpened in § 13 to “rights and morals” for faith communities that wish to obtain official registration. § 3 sets the age limit for joining or leaving a faith community at 15, while § 5 specifies that children automatically belong to the faith community of their parents. § 14 outlines the requirements for registration, including an application specifying “declaration of faith and teachings”. §§ 18-27a sets out the competencies of registered faith communities, including the right to financial support, access to burial grounds and rules for religious leaders.

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