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  • November 2015: Adoption for same-sex couples

The recently elected Portuguese parliament has approved a new legislation that will make adoption possible for same-sex couples. All left-leaning deputies, and 19 deputies from the center-right Social Democratic Party, backed this legislation. The previous law article that stated who was entitled to adopt was revised, and the gender specification was removed. The new law also extends access to assisted reproduction methods to same-sex couples.

The new parliament, now with a left-wing majority, has also revoked the previous amendments to the abortion law that required women to pay a fee, get psychological and social counselling as well as advice on family planning before terminating a pregnancy.

In 2013, the parliament had already legalized second-parent adoption for married same-sex couples who already had a child.

Adoption by same-sex couples remains a controversial issue in Portugal, a country where the Catholic Church still has a great impact.

Artigo 1979:
Quem pode adotar
1 — Podem adotar duas pessoas casadas há mais de quatro anos e não separadas judicialmente de pessoas e bens ou de facto, se ambas tiverem mais de 25 anos.
(Who can adopt
1 – Two people married for over four years, and who are not separated, neither legally, nor of property, nor in fact, are allowed to adopt if they both are more than 25 years old).

D 7 December 2015    AHelena Vilaça

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