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Augmentation de tous les indicateurs de croyance et de religiosité : le Monténégro dans l’étude sur les valeurs européennes

The 5th wave of European Values Study research, conducted in the period 2017-2019, embraced Montenegro between June and December 2019, including examinations of the religious values of Montenegrins.

According to the data published in December 2020, in comparison with the results of 2008 ESV wave (percentages from this wave are given without decimals), the percentage of those who declared themselves as religious people is almost the same : 87 in 2020, 88,25 in 2020.
Many other percentages increased also : of those who believe in God (from 88 to 96,12) ; of those for whom God is important in their lives (67 to 76,56) ; of those who participate in religious rituals once a week (8 to 16,21) ; of those who participated in religious rituals once a week when they were 12 years old (11 to 16,28).

Other parameters of religiosity also increased : belief in Heaven from 38% to 67% ; belief in hell from 38% to 67% ; belief in life after death from 29% to 42,03%.

A preliminary conclusion that can be drawn from the data presented above is that indicators of religiosity of Montenegrins increased, and indicators of ritual religiosity doubled.

Source : EVS/WVS (2020) Joint EVS/WVS 2017-2021 Dataset GESIS Data Archive.

D 22 mars 2021    ANikola B. Šaranović

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