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Enquêtes et sondages 2009

August 2009 : The first two (of five) reports from the full (four quarters) Citizenship Survey for 2007-08 contain much data of religious interest.

June 2009 : Susannah Clark and Justin Thacker, Young People Matter : A Report and Survey of Youth Volunteering by the Evangelical Alliance.

April/May 2009 : COMRES conducted a survey of Christians using Cpanel in including items on attitudes to the proposed 2010 Papal visit ; whether living as a Christian in Britain is more or less difficult than in the past ; donations to charity since the recession began ; political party preference.

April 2009 : Funeral Music 2009 – Top Ten Listings. A survey of 242 Co-operative Funeral care funeral homes.

13 April 2009 : Survey of belief in ghosts and the supernatural, conducted by ComRes on behalf of Theos, a public theology think-tank.

25 March 2009 : Ipsos MORI survey of Muslim women on behalf of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. See also a summary of a survey into race and attitudes in Britain conducted by Ipsos MORI for the EHRC.

The 23 March ComRes Pollwatch reported that a recent survey of Cpanel (the ComRes panel of UK Christians) reveals that most Christians in the UK think the decision to send British forces to Iraq was unjustified.

February 2009 : ComRes survey on behalf of the BBC, on attitudes to the portrayal and reporting of religion in the media.

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