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Mesure législative récente (2015)

The Government of Montenegro at its session held on 26 June 2014 considered the Information on the need for adoption of the Proposal of the Law on Freedom of Religion, due to the fact that the applicable law from 1977 was adopted in the earlier socio-political system : “So, an objective need for the creation of the new normative act has been recognized, primarily due to the fact that Montenegro in 2006 regained its independence. Such fact is one of the crucial gudelines in the perspective of drafting the new Law, which determines a different approach in the sphere of regulation of the legal position and rights and obligations of religious communities in the constitutional-legal frame of Montenegro” (see information on the need for drafting the law on freedom of religion).

The Government adopted the Draft Law on 3 July 2015, and after public discussion submitted it to the Venice Commission and ODIHR for opinion.

D 18 juillet 2016    ANikola B. Šaranović

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