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Activités politiques des bouddhistes

“Latvia for Tibet” is a social movement that was set up on a voluntary and common interest basis in 2008, emphasizing the idea of global justice. It states that it 1) commits to the rights of Tibetans to cultural and religious autonomy, 2) promotes Tibetan culture, and religious and medical traditions, and 3) raises public awareness of social and political events in Tibet. “Latvia for Tibet” not only opposes violence and repression in Tibet, but also the forced abortions and sterilisation performed in China. The group also opposes capital punishment, the psychological and physical torture of political prisoners, forced labour, the failure to respect the rights of employees and other human rights violations.
At the beginning, the movement was composed of multiple groups of people, namely, youth from various backgrounds, Buddhists and high-profile intellectuals, and political figures who were united around a specific and limited goal – support for Tibetan independence and the right of Tibetans to a democratic society. Over the course of time, the number of participants has decreased due to inner conflicts inside the movement and the low interest within society about the Tibetan issue. At present, about 15–25 supporters are still active within the organization, half of whom belong to Buddhist organizations in Latvia, mainly the Buddhist Meditation Centre Ganden.
In general, “Latvia for Tibet” works on several fronts. First, it organises political activities such as pickets (e.g., yearly pickets in early March, the day of the uprising of the Tibetan people, held in front of the Chinese Embassy building in Riga), and protest campaigns during visits by Chinese officials to Latvia, which are targeted at the Latvian government, the Chinese embassy, as well as at Latvian society. The second, social and cultural activities : films showing human rights violations, and involvement in international peace campaigns and events for Tibet (e.g. the “Flame of Truth” international peace campaign on 9–10 October, 2012 in Riga). The third, the promotion of Tibetan Buddhism in cooperation with Buddhists in Latvia : film shows, discussions with monks and travellers, as well as meditations and prayers for Tibet that usually take place at Ganden Buddhist Meditation Centre.

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