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Tibetan healing centres

Two of the Drikung Kagyu Buddhist groups offer commercial services. The European Academy of Tibetan Medicine and Yoga has been established near the Drikung Jamze Ling Dharmachakra centre in Baltezers. Healers from Tibet visit there regularly; they diagnose and treat patients, and also take part in educational programmes. An opportunity to study in various programmes is provided there, e.g. “Specialist of Yoga”, “Therapist of Yoga”, and “Master of Yoga”. The teaching is implemented in the way of practical classes and seminars; distance and interactive teaching is also provided. The European Academy of Tibetan Medicine and Yoga is the first educational establishment in the European Union which has the right to teach specialists of yoga at the state level. After completing their studies, the new specialists receive a certificate which professionally qualifies them, allowing them to work as self-employed persons. Healers from Tibet, China, and India also come regularly to the Tibetan Meditation and Healing Centre Sorig. They carry out healing programs, diagnose and provide consultations on the right livelihood, and on nourishment.

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