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Activités sociales et culturelles des bouddhistes

In addition to religious activities, Buddhists also organize events aimed at the wider public. When teachers visit Latvia, their stay is not always limited to giving teachings in a certain community, but can include public lectures as well. These lectures are very general and their aim is to provide information about Buddhism and its usage in everyday life.
Some of the public events have a multiple aim or double meaning. For example, Drikung Kagyu Buddhist groups periodically host monks who come to perform Buddhist sacral dances and rituals, or to create and later destroy Tibetan sand mandalas. These events have a primarily religious meaning, but they also inform society about Buddhism and its traditions.
One of the important informative events of Buddhism is the “Buddhism Days in Latvia” which have been organized by Karma Kagyu groups in Latvia since 2006. During these days, there is usually an opportunity to attend lectures on different topics presented by travelling teachers of Diamond Way Buddhism, and sometimes by Lama Ole Nydahl, to watch documentaries and attend an exhibition of sacred paintings (thankas) and ritual objects as well.

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