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Aperçu général

  • Area : 9.250 km² (of which 3.355 km² are in North Cyprus)
  • Population : 856.857 (2011)
  • Capital : Lefkosia (Nicosia) : 334.120
  • Largest cities and number of inhabitants : Lemesos (Limassol) : 239.739 inh., Larnaka : 145.365 inh.
  • Official language and other languages : Greek and Turkish are the official languages. English is widely spoken.

Note : As a result of the attempt of coup d’État of the Greek junta and the Turkish military intervention of 1974, the island of Cyprus is nowadays divided de facto in two : the Republic of Cyprus occupying the main part of the country (70 %), the smaller part being the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), self-proclaimed independent in 1983 but recognized only by Ankara. The Republic of Cyprus held the latest census in Oct. 2011, which covered only the government-controlled area. Turkish Cypriots residing outside the controlled area were not included in the census.

Source : Statistical Service POPULATION BY DISTRICT, 1996-2012.

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