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Religion among semi-secular Swedes - simultaneously secular and religious

In a recently published study Ann af Burén, Södertörn University, contributed to a critical discussion on the supposedly far-reaching secularity of Sweden on the one hand, and on the incongruence and inconsistency of lived religion on the other. At the centre of the study are people among the majority of Swedes, referred to as semi-secular Swedes – but often neglected in the study of religion. These people don’t go to church or get involved in any other kind of organized spiritual activities, although they are not actively opposed to religion, nor indifferent to it. Most of them describe the ways they are – or are not – religious as being in line with the majority patterns in Swedish society.
In a qualitative study 28 semi-secular Swedes have been interviewed. Their ways of speaking about, and relating to religion, referring to their everyday lives and experiences, has been analysed with special focus on incongruence.

For more information:
- Dissertation: Ann af Burén (2015) Living Simultaneity: On religion among semi-secular Swedes. Södertörn doctoral dissertations, 1652-7399; 106.
- For an introductory article by the author, see: "Blurring boundaries: patterns of religiosity in contemporary Sweden".
- For the 269 pages dissertation in full text, see: here.

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