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Les dérogations à la législation en vigueur

The Constitution emphasizes the equal treatment of individuals. Gender equality is dealt with in more detail in the Equality Acts of 1986 and 2014. They aim at preventing discrimination on the grounds of gender and promoting gender equality, especially in working life. However, they are not applicable to religious activities of religious communities. Non-religious matters, such as employment and pay, are regulated by this law.

According to the constitutional legislation, there is a certain legislative autonomy for religious communities. They have the right to organize their activities in accordance with their doctrine and confession, and make exemption e.g. from equal treatment provided they have well grounded reasons. However, objective grounds for such exemption in the doctrine and confession of the church are required, and there should be wide unanimity about that. According to these principles, the Orthodox and Catholic Churches for instance can limit priesthood to men only.

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