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Religious denominations according to the Census of 2021

The census was taken between January and May 2021, for the third time since the establishment of the independent Slovak Republic and the fourth since the change of political system in 1989. The census data on the religious denominations of the population were collected on-line using a slightly modified self-assessment method compared to previous censuses. Each person was free to declare their religious denomination (from amongthe 18 churches recognised by the state in Slovakias), affiliation to world religion (islam, buddhism or hinduism), other religious affiliation (open-ended question) or to declare being without confession. The religious denomination of children under 15 was reported by their parents. The basic results have been published in February 2022.

According to the population census of 2021, the main religious groups were Roman Catholics (55.8%), the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession (5.3%), the Greek-Catholic Church (4% ), the Reformed Church (Calvinist) (1.6%) and "no religion or faith" (23.8%). These figures reflect a decline in the proportion of members of mainline churches, a slight increase of members of other non state-recognised groups and a significant increase of people who declared no religious affiliation over the past decade.

Source: website of the statistical office of the Slovak Republic

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