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  • December 2013 : Pastoral letter against gender ideology and homosexuals

On 1 December 2013, the first Sunday of Advent, a pastoral letter by bishops was read in all Catholic Churches in Slovakia. In this letter, the Church repeatedly mentioned the "so-called culture of death" and "Divine punishment for the promotion of homosexual relationships". Slovak bishops attacked the policy related to gender equality and homosexually oriented people. The letter states : "Family does not have to survive in Europe. It can be crippled by a man and this is happening at the moment. Players in the culture of death want to deprive man of his man identity, woman of her woman identity and family of its family identity...". The phrase “culture of death” appears as much as eleven times in a two-pages letter. According to the letter, gender equality activists seek to foist Sodom ideology upon education. The letter was published only four months before presidential elections (15 March 2014). It also affirms that politicians who do not support "culture of life" do not act in accordance with the teachings of the Church and are advocates of the "culture of death".

  • September 2013 : Catholic March for Life and change in constitution

On 22 September, Košice, the second biggest town in Slovakia, which was designated to be the European Capital of Culture for 2013, held a National March for Life attended by roughly 70 thousand participants mostly from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. This pro-life event organized by the Catholic Church approached the politicians with requests to prohibit abortions by constitutional amendment, preserve "respect for life from conception to natural death" and constitutional protection of traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

D 18 décembre 2013    AMiroslav Tížik

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