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Le projet EUREL

- EUREL (EUrope - RELigion) stands for a website of information published by a group of experts members of a scientific network.

- The EUREL website aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the social and legal status of religion in Europe from an interdisciplinary perspective.
This website is intended for the international scientific community, public authorities and political forces, and gathers comparative information concerning the enlarged Europe (EU member states, candidates countries and other European countries). A specific headline is dedicated to Europe as a whole, from a institutional perspective (religious denominations and the European Union, or the Council of Europe...) and from a comparative point of view (treatment of a particular issue by various European countries).

- Initially established to facilitate comparative approaches and international exchanges at the time of an 8 members European Union, the network gradually opened to an enlarged Europe with Switzerland, Russia, and Turkey as well as new EU members. Recently, it has included Canada, a country which both provides an interesting comparative perspective and has its importance in the legal dialogue.

- Data are provided and checked by a network of correspondents, specialists of law or social sciences.

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