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Organes de réflexion

Observatoire de la laïcité (Observatory of Laïcité)
The Observatory assists the government in its efforts to respect the principle of laïcité in France. It brings together data, produces analyzes, studies and research to inform government. It was replaced in 2021 by the Comité interministériel de laïcité (CIL).

Comité interministériel de laïcité (CIL - Interministerial Committee on Secularism)
Created on 15 July 2021, the CIL aims to respect and protect the balance of the French model of secularism, which reconciles the exercise of individual freedoms with the requirement of republican cohesion.

La vigie de la laïcité (The Secularism Watch)
Founded in 2021, the association aims to remind the democratic content of the republican project of secularism, to exercise an active watch and to give reliable information on this theme. The association insists on the importance of the liberal political philosophy contained in the 1905 law.

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