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  • July 2012
    Following the media debate that arose in Germany on the legality of religious circumcision of boys, in July 2012 the Justice Minister issued a decree confirming that this was legal in Austria (JABl 28/2012).
  • In July 2012
    The Austrian Parliament adopted a new law on lobbying and transparency (BGBl I 2012/64). This law specifies the rules of conduct and registration for activities aimed at influencing legislative and administrative decision-making processes. Among others, churches and religious societies recognised in law are exempted from these rules (§ 1).
  • In May 2012
    The parliament adopted an amendment to the law on the regulation of the external legal relations of the Israelite Religious Society (BGBl. I 2012/48). Apart from restating the general conditions common to any religious society recognised in law - for example, the status of legal personality under public law - this amendment clarifies the procedures for creating a religious society (§ 3) and a faith community (§ 5). Moreover, the state’s obligation to facilitate religious practice addresses the needs of Jews (§§ 8-12, 16 and 19), particularly as regards religious education in state schools and elsewhere, traditional requirements, managing private schools and ritual bathing, and rules on food, including its production. The days of Shabbat and the festivals of the Jewish calendar are protected, without, however, being raised to the status of legal holidays. Rabbis’ duty of secrecy is acknowledged and unlimited use of Jewish cemeteries is guaranteed.
  • March 2012
    The Ministry of Education announced the creation of the diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) of Vienna and Austria (BGBl. II 2012/54).

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