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Teaching religion and theology

In Russia, a specialisation in “sociology of religions” and “religious law” does not exist in higher education. The national curriculum provides for academic diplomas in “religious studies” (religiovedenie). This discipline includes philosophy of religions, sociology of religions, history of religions and psychology of religions.

Chairs and centres for the study of religions are present in the state universities of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and in some other universities and institutions of higher education. Some chairs in religious studies are also research centres.

 Chair in Philosophy of Religions and Religious Studies at Moscow State University
 Chair in Philosophy of Religions and Religious Studies at the Saint Petersburg State University
 Centre for the Study of Religions at the Russian State University for the Humanities
 Chair in State-Religion Relations at the Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Although the Russian national higher education system is secular, there are university diplomas in “theology”. In Russia, the distinction is made between university “theology” and that taught in the ecclesiastical theology academies and seminaries. This university discipline is very close to “religious studies”. Most of the university chairs in theology are devoted to Orthodoxy. The Kursk and Eastern Russia state universities have chairs in “theology and religious studies”.

The state does not recognise academic qualifications from denominational universities. Diplomas and grades at denominational universities are only of value within the relevant confession.

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