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Recherche en sociologie des religions

The Institute of Social Sciences and Contemporary Religions (ISSRC) of the University of Lausanne is an academic, non-denominational, interdisciplinary and pluri-methodological institute. Study and research of religious phenomena focuses on three main areas : the psychology of religion, the social sciences of migrations and sociology of religions.

The Group of Researchers on Islam in Switzerland (GRIS) works on sociological studies aimed at a better understanding of Muslim life in Switzerland. The researchers are trying to create - through knowledge gained on the ground - links between Muslims and civil society.

The Swiss Institute of Pastoral Sociology (SPI) in St. Gallen conducts several research projects into the religious dimensions of citizens in our contemporary societies. It also focuses on the study of the influence and role of Christian and non-Christian religious communities in the Swiss context.

The Research Committee on Religion and Society (RES) is working to promote research on religions in Switzerland from a sociological perspective. It organises seminars, workshops and conferences related to this field of study.

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