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Teaching in sociology of religions

Courses in sociology of religions are, depending on the university, delivered in the faculties of theology, arts or social sciences.

The Faculty of Theology and Science of Religions at the University of Lausanne offers a Bachelor’s in Religious Studies and two Master’s in Sociology of Religions: religious plurality in modern societies (quantitative and qualitative approaches) and social sciences of migrations: diaspora and migrations. Five other Master’s addressing the subject of religion are also offered: psychology of religion, multidisciplinary approaches to Judaism, history and anthropology of Christianities, transverse and marginalised religious traditions, religious traditions in India and the comparative history of religions.

The University of Fribourg also places emphasis on the sociological approach to the study of religions. The Faculty of Arts offers a B.A. in Religious Studies and an M.A. in “pluralist societies: cultures, policies and religions”.

The universities of Geneva, Lucerne and Zurich also offer courses in sociology of religions in their Bachelor’s and Master’s in history or studies of religions.

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