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  • 22 November 2012 : financial matters

In 2012 the island’s economy deteriorated leading to a request of the government for assistance by the EMF, the EU Commission and the IMF. The Church of Cyprus was severely impacted by the economic crisis taking place in the Republic of Cyprus. In an interview in the daily Kathimerini (Nov. 22, 2012), the Archbishop pointed out that the Church lost nearly 60% of its income due to the financial fallout.
The conclusion (in March 2012) of a major agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and the Church of Cyprus concerning taxation is of critical importance for the future standing of the Church of Cyprus. The issue of taxation has been a major bone of contention between the Church and the State, with the Left accusing the Church of trying to avoid the tax of its income. An interim 2005 agreement between the Minister of Finance and the Church was never forwarded to the government for approval, and it was only in March 2012 that Minister of Finance K. Kazamias and Archbishop Chrysostomos II announced that a final agreement – largely based on the previous 2005 agreement – had been reached. According the Finance Minister, the State would receive 10 to 20 million euros as a result of the agreement. The Archbishop noted the significance of the agreement for concluding this vexing issue.

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