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Le paysage religieux en Suisse

The Swiss researcher Claude Bovay has analised the data concerning religions resulting from the 2000 census ; he has also taken into account the evolution between 1970 and 2000. The result is a 130 pages report : "Le paysage religieux en Suisse" (the Swiss religious landscape), it includes many statistical tables.
A short presentation of the book can be read on the Religioscope website ; the full text of the report is available in French on the Federal Statistics Office website.
In an article published in May 2016, Jörg Stolz et Anaïd Lindemann provide an analysis, based on the latest research on religious diversity, which traces its evolution and explains secularisation and pluralisation in the Swiss society ("La pluralisation, la sécularisation et le religieux dans les débats publics", Terra cognita 28, 2016).

See also OFS, "Evolution du paysage religieux" and "Appartenance religieuse 2013-2015", 2017.

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