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  • 29 June 2007 : Recommendation 1805 (2007)

On Friday 29 June 2007, the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a recommendation stating that : "National law should penalise statements that call for a person or a group of persons to be subjected to hatred, discrimination or violence on grounds of their religion."
The Assembly underlined that religious groups must tolerate critical statements and debates about their activities "provided that such criticism does not amount to intentional and gratuitous insults or hate speech and does not constitute incitement to disturb the peace or to violence and discrimination against adherents of a particular religion."
The Assembly also recommended laws on blasphemy to be reviewed since they often reflected the dominant position of one particular religion. States will have to ensure "that members of a particular religion are neither privileged nor disadvantaged under blasphemy laws and related offences".

Read the recommendation 1805 (2007) on "Blasphemy, religious insults and hate speech against persons on grounds of their religion".

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