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Sondages et enquêtes

European antisemitism
 CNN poll 2018 on Antisemitism in Europe
 European Commission Data
 Action and Protection League Survey, 2021

Pew Research Center (2017-2018)
Pew Research Center regularly realises studies and surveys on religion, which sometimes concern Europe. For example, in 2017, on religious beliefs and national belonging in Easter Europet and in 2018, on the attitudes of Christians in Western Europe, on Muslim women’s religious clothing and on Young adults around the world are less religious by several measures.

Transatlantic trends (2008)
Transatlantic Trends : Immigration is a public opinion survey addressing immigration and integration issues including national identity, citizenship, migration management policies, national security, and the economic opportunities and challenges brought on by migrants. It is led by the German Marshall Fund (USA). Chapter 4 of the final report, dealing with national identities, also mentions religious belonging and understanding of Islam. This survey takes into account France, Italy, th Netherlands, Poland, united Kingdom and the United States. The topline data are also available.

Bertelsmann Foundation (2007)
The Bertelsmann Foundation has launched an international comparative program of religious beliefs, attitudes and practices : "Religionsmonitor". The overview of religious attitudes and practices 2008 is now available in English, French, and German.

The values of the Europeans (2005)
Survey carried out by the SOFRES, 12 and 29 April 2005, for EURO-RSCG, with a national representative sample of population aged 18 or more in 10 different countries.

GfK Group on religious attitudes in Europe (2004)
Germany’s biggest market research institute, GfK Group, carried out in autumn 2004 a survey on religious attitudes in Europe, on behalf of The Wall Street Journal Europe.

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