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  • July 2008: Same-sexe marriages (continued)

There is still no decison from neither the Government nor the Parliament in the matter of same-sex marriages. The Prime Minister has publicly said that a proposal from the Government to the Parliament will be given later this year. It is well-known, though, that the four political parties in Sweden that the present Government consists of are of different opinion in the question of same-sex marriages. Thus, one can so far only guess what the proposal will contain. A private bill in the Parliament from some members of the opposition regarding same-sex marriages was rejected by the Parliament earlier this year.

  • July 2008: Divine services in radio and TV

The last months, there has been some debate regarding the fact that the Swedish Radio Company and the Swedish TV Company (both "public service") regularly broadcast divine services. Representatives of the Swedish Humanist Association, the unexpected small atheist organization of Sweden, has heavily opposed this situation. Priests in the Church of Sweden as well as neutral commentators have answered that a big majority of the Swedes in fact are church members. There have been no answers so far from the broadcasting companies.

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