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Les Eglises et la législation matrimoniale et familiale

In the Slovak Republic matrimony is entered into by the declaration of a man and a woman, before a State authority or an authority of a church or religious community, that they enter the marriage publicly, solemnly and in the presence of two witnesses. If it is a church ceremony, it must be solemnised by a person authorised to perform ecclesiastical functions, and a church form of service must be used. According to Act no. 94/1963 Col. on the family as implemented in later regulations, the church authority must deliver a certificate of the marriage to a body authorised to administer registration in the district where the wedding was held.
Issues of marriage according to canon law are regulated by Section 10 of the Basic Treaty between the SR and the Holy See. If a marriage fulfils the conditions stipulated in SR law, it has the same legal status and effects as a civil marriage taken place within the territory of the Slovak Republic. The same provision is found in Section 10 of the Agreement between the SR and registered churches and religious communities.

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