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Belief in God

Declaring affiliation to a religious group does not always imply a strong faith or the belief that God exists. In the 1992 and 2002 national censuses over 99% of the population said they belonged to a recognised religious group in Romania. However, the number of people who believe in God represents a smaller percentage: according to a Gallup survey taken in autumn 2003, 93.7% of respondents said that God exists, 2.4% said that God probably exists and 3.9% either did not know or did not wish to answer. There are differences, sometimes rather significant ones, between the members of different religions when it comes to asserting their belief in God. A survey conducted in 2001 (national survey “The Religiosity of the Romanian population in 2001”, Ministry of Religions) showed that 86% of Orthodox, 92% of Pentecostalists and approximately 100% of Muslims believe that God exists. More people in rural areas, which are traditionally religious, believe God exists than those who live in urban areas.

Results of the survey: "I believe that God exists..."

Place of residence To a very large extent God probably exists God doesn’t exist
Bucharest 75% 19% 4%
County capitals 79% 14% 4%
Other cities 80% 13% 1%
Rural areas 85% 11% 2%

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