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Assistance au culte

The comparative analysis of the percentages resulting from research over the last several years in Romania regarding religious practice shows the significant differences. For the followers of traditional religions, as well as Orthodoxy, going to church regularly, believing in the divine grace of the clergy and hierarchy and respecting the church’s teachings are important conditions to obtaining redemption. For Protestant religions, the ministers of service advise followers to achieve their own redemption through a direct relationship with their deity. Going to church also obeys other motivations including the search for worldly or affective support or even motivations that have no direct religious character : the introduction of religious instruction in schools, the precarious financial situation, the influence of the media and so forth.

Source Weekly Church attendance Monthly Church attendance Occasional Church attendance Does not attend Church
Gallup Survey 2003 28% 17% 55% -
SSC National Survey 2001 / Urban areas 29,97% 17,38% 44,08% 7,88%
SSC National Survey 2001 / Rural areas 29,35% 18,34% 45,82% 5,36%
CURS Survey 2003 (rural) 18,5% 20% 48,7% 11%

D 2 octobre 2012    AConstantin Cuciuc

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