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Demographic and religious changes

In Romania, religious identity is closely linked to ethnic identity as Romanians are predominantly Orthodox. On the whole, Romania has preserved its specific composition, even though since 1990, under the impact of development, some changes have started to occur. First of all, there was a drop of over one million inhabitants between the two censuses, from 22, 810, 035 in 1992 to 21, 680, 974 in 2002. The main causes are a severe decrease in the birth rate, the increase in the death rate and the considerable importance of emigration.
The evolution of the business sector since 1990 has also brought about the presence of a considerable amount of foreigners in Romania (approximately 20, 700), particularly Chinese, Syrians, and Arabs. This explains, for example, the increased numbers of the Muslim minority in Romania, from 55, 928 in 1992 to 67, 257 in 2002.

Source : N.I.S. Censuses 1992 and 2002.

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