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L’enseignement en droit des religions

In France, the expression "law of religion" refers to a number of disciplines.
On the European level, the "European law of religions" comprises the law of religion of the Member States of the European Union and the law of the European Convention on Human Rights (CEDH). The "comparative law of religions" makes a comparative evaluation of the legal status of religious denominations in each one of the Member States of the EU.
On a national level, the law of religion analyses the perception of the French law over the religions.
Finally, within the framework of religious denominations, the interest is in the organisation and the internal legal system of the different religions. This refers to the "internal law of religions", that is, the canon law, the Muslim law, etc.

There are few institutions offering specific courses on the law of religions :

the University offers a graduate course in Law and religion

Jean Monnet Institute of the University of South-Paris XI (Université de Paris-Sud XI) offers a Master’s Degree in Fundamental and Applied Law (Canon Law as a Major).

This European doctoral programme in canon law called GRATIANUS programme exists since October 1991. Beginning October 1998, it was entitled "State, Liberty and Religion in National and European Laws – The European doctoral programme in canon law" (Etat, libertés, religions en droits nationaux et européen - Programme européen de formation doctorale de droit canonique).

The Faculty of Catholic Theology of the University of Strasbourg offers :
- a Master’s Degree Social and Human sciences, major Canon Law
- and a Master’s Degree Comparative European Law of religions.

These Master’s degrees are hosted by the research center DRES.

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