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  • 21 March 2005 : Creation of a Foundation to Fund Islam in France

On 21 March, the minister of the interior and the presidents of the four major French Muslim federations signed the statutes of the "Foundation for the Works of Islam in France".
This foundation is responsible for collecting donations (private individuals, companies, foreign donors) and redistributes the funds in order to finance the construction and renovation of places of worship, continue the training of imams and support the functioning of the French Muslim Council.

For more information: consult the communiqué on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

  • 16 March 2005 : The creation of a Muslim chaplaincy in the French army

An order dated 16 March 2005 requires the Army Chief of Staff to have a Muslim head chaplain appointed by the Minister of defence, along with the three existing head chaplains (Catholic, Protestant and Jewish).
The head chaplains nominate and manage the military chaplains of their own religious groups. This therefore marked the creation of a Muslim military chaplaincy.

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