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Catholic publishing

The Federation of Catholic media (Fédération des médias catholiques) provides information on the different Catholic papers and journals in France. An article of Jean-François Barbier Bouvet reflects on the impact of the Catholic press on the French population ("l’impact de la presse catholique dans la population française"), 2011.

The Bayard group

It is difficult not to mention Bayard when speaking of religions publications. The Augustinians of the Assumption congregation has been its sole shareholder for almost one hundred and forty years.
Bayard has 2, 500 employees and 3, 300 freelance journalists. The group has a turnover of 338,5 million euros and in 2004 it acquired Milan Presse.
Bayard publishes a daily newspaper, one hundred and fifty magazines and books (Bayard Presse), with a catalogue of several thousand titles.
In France Bayard publishes 72 magazines, including La Croix, Le Pélerin, La documentation catholique, Le Monde de la Bible, Prions en Eglise as well as a large number of publications geared at youth (Pomme d’Api, Les Belles Histoires, Okapi, Phospohore, Images Doc,...), a certain number of these publications are religious magazines designed to raise religious awareness (Pomme d’api soleil, Grains de soleil).

Weekly Catholic publications

There are several weekly Catholic journals: Bayard publishes Le Pèlerin (277 000 copies in 2011), Le Monde – La Vie publishes La Vie (110 000 in 2012), Edifa, branch of Fleurus – Media, publishes Famille chrétienne (53 000 copies).

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