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L’athéisme en France

According to the same study on the establishment of religions in France, 27.6% of the French population does not feel close to any religion.
This is obviously due the decline of Christianity in modern society. The a strong presence of left-wing political movements, especially the communist party can also be related to a strong presence of people who claim to have no religious affiliation. The western part of the Massif Central (Limousin, Dordogne and Lot, Centre), Champagne-Ardenne, Oise and Côtes d’Armor are presently experiencing a decline with regard to religion. Ile-de-France and Midi have the same fate as they were traditionally a stronghold of the communist party.
It has also been observed that there is a relationship between urbanisation and religious decline especially in Loire-Atlantique, Ille-et-Vilaine, Rhône, aso. The fall is mostly noticeable in Val de Marne where only 47% of people declare being close to Catholicism.
The east of France, which comprises Franche-Comté, Alsace and Lorraine, remains stable and is presently the region where religion still has a strong presence.

24 septembre 2012