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  • March 2012 : The debate on the abortion law

In early March, the Rajoy government announced a reform of the abortion law, the preliminary draft of which was to be presented in the autumn. Up until the reform initiated by the Zapatero government in July 2010 (Ley de Salud Sexual y Reproductiva 2010), abortion - considered a crime - was permitted only in three situations : rape (within 12 weeks), malformation of the foetus (within 22 weeks) and serious risk to the physical or mental health of the mother (no time limit). The 2010 reform maintained only one time requirement. The current plan aims to reintroduce the need to specify the reasons, so as to protect the rights of unborn children (no nacido) ; it is regarded by the opposition as a step backwards for women’s rights.

  • 6 April 2012 : The teaching of Protestantism in Andalusia

Andalusia, Spain’s second region in terms of demographic importance, has been an autonomous region since 1981 (and since 2007 endowed with a new status). On 6 April 2012, an article published in the newspaper El Mundo states that the teaching of the Protestant religion will be compulsorily offered in Andalusian schools during the first and second cycles from 2012-2013, following an agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and the Consejo Evangélico Autonómico de Andalucía (Autonomous Protestant Council of Andalusia). The agreement aims to restore balance and equality of treatment (“normalizar y equiparar”) between Protestantism and other religions, in the words of Luciano Gomez, President of the Autonomous Council of Andalusia.

According to the organic law on education and the royal decree of June 2007, teachers of this subject who are not public servants will receive a contract of employment under ordinary law. It however remains that, according to the Evangelical Council, there are currently not enough teachers to meet the demand that this decision will certainly create.

14 septembre 2012