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Des croyants qui se déclarent non pratiquants

The latest Barometer survey by the CIS (Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas) in July 2011 provides a summary of religious practice in Spain.
Of those who declare themselves as belonging to a religion, 59.4% never engage in religious practice, 23.8% of the sample practice occasionally and 13% regularly.

Question 32a : (Among those who declare themselves to be Catholic or believers in other religions)
How often do you attend mass or other religious services, excluding social kinds of ceremonies, such as weddings, communions or funerals ?

% (N)
Hardly ever 59.4 (1090)
Several times a year 15.0 (275)
Once a month 8.8 (162)
Almost every Sunday and for religious celebrations 13.0 (238)
Several times a week 2.7 (50)
No answer 1.0 (19)
Total 100 (1834)

Source : CIS, Barómetro Julio 2011.

13 septembre 2012