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Renforcer la position de l’Église catholique dans la procédure législative de l’État

  • January 2019

In pursuance of changes in the governmental legislative rules, the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic has put forward a proposal, on the basis of which a Conference of Bishops of Slovakia (CBS), which represents the Catholic Church in Slovakia, would become a new member of the interdepartmental commenting procedure, the tool through which a proposed motion must go. This CBS would acquire the same status as other Slovak public and state authorities. Several political parties, particularly the liberal Sloboda a Solidarita (SaS – Freedom and Solidarity), and a number of nongovernmental organizations, opposed the motion, claiming that it infringes the constitutional principles of the independence of the state and churches. So far, the status of "mandatory commenting subject" has been reserved to organizations that operate within the state’s structures (such as The Association of Towns and Communities in Slovakia, or the Slovak Academy of Sciences). Any other organization with religious, political and other agenda may also comment the legislative procedure, under the condition that it must collect 500 signatures of Slovak citizens. This motion was supported by other churches that would like to acquire a similar legal status. The Conference of Bishops of Slovakia, the Ecumenical Council of Churches in Slovakia (ECC) as the representant of most Protestant churches, and the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities of Slovakia (CUJRC), regard it appropriate that CBS and ECC, which mediate the positions of all other registered churches and religious communities, would become mandatory commenting subjects, and contribute to the common good of all Slovak inhabitants. This is based on the standpoint of Stanislav Zvolenský, the president of CBS, Miloš Klátik, the general bishop emeritus of the Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession, and Igor Rintel, chairman of CUJRC, in relation to the process of commenting motions.

Disunion of ministries regarding the strengthening of the position of CBS

Two ministers opposed the proposal of the Ministry of Justice of January 2019 to invite CBS to comment act proposals. Finally, the Government Office of the Slovak Republic informed that the Ministry of Justice abandoned its intention.

D 5 avril 2019    AMiroslav Tížik

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