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Europe’s young adults and religion (2014-2016)

A report from the collaboration between the Catholic Institute of Paris and St Mary’s University in London analyses data from the two most recent waves (2014 and 2016) of the European Social Survey, exploring religious affiliation and practice of 16-29 year-olds in 21 European countries and Israel.
In 12 out of the 22 twenty-two countries, over half of young adults claim not to identify with any particular religion or denomination. In only four countries do more than one-in-ten 16-29 year-olds claim to attend religious services on at least a weekly basis.
A focus is on young people identifying themselves as Catholics on the one hand, and on the comparison between France and the United Kingdom on the other.

See the report (pdf) : Stephen Bullivant, Europe’s Young Adults and Religion, March 2018.

D 24 April 2018   

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