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Un plan local pour lutter contre l’islamophobie

February 2017

The government of the region of Barcelona launched in December 2016 a local plan to fight against islamophobia. The plan, awarded 55.000€ for 2017 and 47.000€ for 2018, aims at fighting against hate speech and hate crimes, and at granting social cohesion and human rights. The plan is oriented by a human rights and intercultural perspectives and was drafted after a participatory process involving experts on Islam, human rights associations and the local Muslim organisations.

This policy tool is part of larger strategy called “Barcelona, City of Rights” that aims at promoting diversity, and ensuring equal access to human rights recognised and granted in the city. The plan is hosted under the Direction of Citizens’ Rights and Immigration of the municipality. Its three main objectives are : 1) to render islamophobia visible as a form of discrimination ; 2) to counteract the generalisation of negative images about Islam and Muslim people and to normalise the religious diversity within the city ; and, 3) to strengthen the existing mechanisms to fight against the discrimination of Muslims. These objectives are translated into concrete actions, such as sensibilisation campaigns, creation of a protocol to mediate in the process of opening of places of worship, creation of an education program on hate crime discrimination for schools, promotion of religious diversity in mass media.

20 février 2017