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Les Eglises protestantes n’auront pas accès à l’impôt religieux en Espagne

  • January 2017

The Spanish Supreme court has ruled against the Spanish Federation of Evangelical Entities (Federación de Entidades Evangélicas de España, FEREDE), who had claimed for equal treatment in raising taxes. The Federation had asked the Ministry of Finance to include a checkbox in the income tax form, where tax-payers could indicate their will to give 0,7% of their contribution to the Protestant Churches, in the same way as it is done for the Catholic Church. The court considers that the negative response of the Ministry of Finance does not violate the fundamental rights of Protestants. The Ministry argues that the special situation of the Catholic Church stems from the agreements with the Holy See.

The Federation argues that this situation violates the right to religious freedom and the right to equal treatment in front of the law. The representative body of the Protestant Churches in Spain will appeal in front of the Spanish Constitutional court. If this court turns down the appeal, the Federation will sue the Spanish court in front of the European Court of Human Rights.

4 janvier 2017