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Enquêtes et sondages 2015

- October 2015 : A new report We fear for our lives : offline and online experiences of anti-muslim hostility" shows that Muslims targeted in Islamophobic attacks are reluctant to report incidents and often receive little support from onlookers. The report by researchers, from Birmingham City University and Nottingham Trent University, was commissioned by Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks).

- June 2015 : Ethnicity and Religion of the Non-UK Born Population in England and Wales, 2011 Census Analysis. A Report from the Office for National Statistics on 18 June 2015.

- March 2015 : the UK Data Service released the Anglo-Jewry Database, resource containing data on 29,275 Jewish inhabitants of the British Isles in 1851 (90% of the Jewish community at that time). Information and documentation can be found online.

- February 2015 : Gallup’s data on religion and the paranormal between 1939 and 1999 have now been collated for the first time by Clive Field in a new 64-page BRIN working paper : Religion in Great Britain, 1939-99.

- January 2015 : the complete dataset for the 2013 Scottish Social Attitudes Survey was made available for secondary analysis by the UK Data Service as SN 7519 on 20 January 2015.

29 octobre 2015