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Although the former state church is now an organisation separate from the state, some elements of the activities of the Church of Sweden are still closely connected to the state. A significant example is that the Church of Sweden retains primary responsibility for the maintenance of burial grounds, with the exception of some other special arrangements in a few places in Sweden. This includes the provision of special burial plots for people of different religious traditions, when such requests occur. The state has delegated this public service responsibility to the Church of Sweden through special legislation (SFS 1990:1144). Non-members of the Church of Sweden still pay the part of the fee which goes to the maintenance of the burial grounds. This function of the Church of Sweden is often referred to as the last remaining part of its former position as a public authority, which should be handed over to the state sometime in the future. Currently, this is however not an important issue, nor in the political neither in the public debate.

21 mai 2014