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L’éducation religieuse est assurée par les communautés religieuses

Since religious education in the public school system is non-confessional, the place for religious confessional education in Sweden is within the different churches and other religious organisations. The largest part of confessional religious education is organised by the dominating Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden. Its major educational activity consists of confirmation education, presently reaching 31% of all teenagers at the age of 15 with a 60 hour Christian confessional course. In year 2013, 31.000 young people participated and were confirmed. This is by far the largest religious educational activity in the Swedish society apart from the compulsory school. Added to the confirmation education the Church of Sweden also runs many other activities for children, young people and adults. Some of them have explicit educational aims while others have a more implicit educational function. The other Faith Communities have different forms of educational activities according to their respective traditions.

15 mai 2014