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Support to collect membership fees via the tax system

From 1 January 2000 the state made it possible for all officially registered and acknowledged faith communities to have their membership fees levied by the state via the tax system. This service is free for the Church of Sweden as part of the disestablishment agreement between state and church. Other faith communities have to pay for this service, but receive on the other hand a general financial state support according to the reported number of people they serve. This support is only provided to the minority faith communities, and not to the Church of Sweden. In 2014, the following 8 faith communities collected their membership fees through the tax system (Skatteverket April 2014. Avgift till andra trossamfund): Mission Covenant Church of Sweden, Catholic Church, Swedish Alliance Mission, Baptist Union of Sweden, Inter Act (Evangeliska Frikyrkan), Salvation Army, Methodist Church, Pentecostal parishes in cooperation, Representative of Syrian-Orthodox Patriarch in Sweden, Bosnian Islamic community (BIS), Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese of Sweden and Scandinavia, Hungarian Protestant Community in Sweden, equmenia, Islamic Culture Center union in Sweden.

D 15 May 2014    APer Pettersson

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