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Un pays très catholique

The majority of Poles declare themselves as Catholics. Other religious denominations constitute only a small fraction of the population. Catholics represent 87% of the total population, and 97% of the total number of people belonging to a religious group (Statistical Yearbook of Poland, 2013).
In 2012, the members of the Roman Catholic Church (Latin Rite) were 33 384 936, of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church 504 150, of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession 61 656 and of the Old Catholic Mariavite Church 23 355 (see Religious belonging and religious demography).

Religious population in Poland in 2015 (in percent)

Roman Catholics 92,8
Orthodox 0,7
Jehovah’s Witnesses 0,3
No religion 3,1
No answer 2,2
Other < 0,7

Source : Social Cohesion Survey, Central Statistical Office of Poland 2015.

13 avril 2016