Données sociologiques et juridiques sur la religion en Europe et au-delà

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L’enseignement en sociologie des religions

The following degrees are especially for the sociology of religion, sometimes in combination with anthropology, history, theology or related disciplines :

University of Birmingham : MRes Inter-religious relations

The University of Bristol : BA Theology and Sociology

Cardiff University : BA Sociology and Religious studies

University of Exeter : MA Ethics, Religion and Society

University of Hull : BA (Hons) Religion with Sociology

King’s College London : BA Religion, Politics and Society

King’s College London : MA Religion in Contemporary Society

The University of Wolverhamton :BA (Hons)Religious studies and Sociology

Many sociology degrees in the UK have sociology of religion as either a compulsory or optional module as part of a sociology degree. Institutions which offer explicit sociology of religion modules include :

University of Aberdeen : MA Sociology

University of Birmingham : BA Sociology

University of Central Lancashire : BA (Hons) Sociology

University of Derby : BA Sociology

University of Glasgow : MA Sociology

University of Kent : MA Sociology

University of Nottingham : MA Sociology

Queen’s University Belfast : MA Sociology

17 décembre 2012