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Registered religious communities in the Czech Republic

There are 38 religious communities registered in the Czech Republic.

21 registered religious communities were registered before the effect of Act No. 3/2002 Sb.:
1. Roman Catholic Church
2. Greek Catholic Church
3. Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren
4. Czechoslovak Hussite Church
5. Silesian Evangelical Church A. C.
6. Evangelical Church A. C. in the Czech Republic (before 1993: Slovak Evangelical Church A. C.
7. Orthodox Church in the Czech Lands
8. Church of Brethren (Evangelical Congregationalists)
9. Unity of the Brethren (Evangelical Church of Herrnhut)
10. Evangelical Methodist Church
11. Apostolic Church (Pentecostals)
12. Unity of Brethren Baptists
13. Old Catholic Church
14. Seventh-Day Adventists Church
15. Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic
16. Christian Congregations (original founder: Nelson Darby, Ireland)
17. Religious Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses
18. Lutheran Evangelical Church A. C. in the Czech Republic
19. New Apostolic Church (Irvingism)
20. Religious Society of Czech Unitarians
21. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

17 religious communities registered after the effect of Act No. 3/2002 Sb. (the year of registration is given after the name of each community):
22. Christian Fellowship Church (Pentecostals), 2002
23. Christian Community in the Czech Republic (founders Rittelmeyer, Steiner), 2002
24. Hare Krishna Movement, 2002
25. Czech Hindu Religious Society, 2002
26. Centre of Islamic Communities, 2004
27. Russian Orthodox Church (Podvorje of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia), 2006
28. Diamond Way Buddhism Karma Kagjü, 2007
29. Vishva Nirmala Dharma, 2007
30. Church of the Living God, 2007
31. Church of New Hope, 2009
32. Word of Life Church, 2010
33. Church of Faith, 2012
34. Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator (Armenians), 2013
35. Salvation Army, 2013
36. New Life Church, 2013
37. Church of Oasis, 2014
38. Community of Josef Zezulka, 2014.

Unions of churches and religious societies:
1. The Ecumenical Council of Churches in the Czech Republic
2. Military Spiritual Service

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Internet pages:
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14 September 2016