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Appartenances religieuses d’après le recensement de 2001

According to the last census of 2001, about 73,7 % of the Austrian population is Catholic whereof 99,9 % are members of the Roman Catholic Church, which is hence Austria’s largest religious community. Only 2,7 % of the 710,926 foreigners living in Austria share this denomination with the Austrian citizens.

The second largest religious community in Austria is the Protestant Church (Lutheran and Reformed) with about 4,7 % adherents among the Austrian population. Next on the ladder are the Muslims with about 4,2 %, whereof 71,7 % are other than Austrian citizens. About 35,7 % of the Muslims living in Austria have their main residence in Vienna. 2,2 % of the Austrian population are members of one of the different Orthodox Churches, whereof 77,2 % do not have the Austrian citizenship.

The religious community with the highest share of foreign citizens is the Serbian Orthodox Church, which counts 0,92 % of the Austrian population as members.

In this census about 12 % of the Austrian population declared themselves non-denominational and about 2 % did not give a statement about their religious denomination at all.
Other religious communities, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Old Catholic Church, the Buddhist or the Jewish Religious Society are smaller than 1 %.

In all Austrian länder the percentage of Roman Catholics is around 80 % (from 74,4 % in Salzburg to 83,4 % in Tyrol), just in Vienna this rate is much lower with a share of only 49,2 %. Conversely, 41,3 % of those people, who declared themselves non-denominational, live in the Austrian capital.

20 juillet 2012