Données sociologiques et juridiques sur la religion en Europe et au-delà

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De petites minorités

The biggest religious minority in Sweden is the Muslims, which is about 1 per cent of the population. There are Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist minorities as well, but these are even smaller.
The religious minorities (of other faith than Christian) are legally regarded in the same way as Christian minorities. They are free to register as denominations, they are entitled to receive economic contributions from the state, and they are free to establish – and run – their own burrial-grounds. Theoretically, they are as well entitled to use the taxation system for collecting membership fees, but so far no minority of other faith than Christian has asked for this.
On the other hand, the religious minorities (Christian or not) have to comply with the Swedish laws. There are no exemptions due to the status of religious minority. Examples are the Matromony Act, and state regulations on slaughter applicable to religious minorities as well as others.

1er avril 2015