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Statut de l’enseignement

Churches and other religious denominations are under constitutional regulation according to which : “Citizens and institutions shall have the right to establish primary and secondary schools and institutions of higher education and educational development institutions. The conditions for establishing and operating non-public schools, the participation of public authorities in their financing, as well as the principles of educational supervision of such schools and educational development institutions, shall be specified by statute” (art. 70 para 3)

The Constitution determines that “The religion of a church or other legally recognized religious organization may be taught in schools, but other peoples’ freedom of religion and conscience shall not be infringed thereby”. (art. 53 para 4)

The Polish Constitutional Tribunal in Judgment of 30th January 1991 confirms that “Polish schools have a secular character because teaching religion is an internal matter of religious denominations and public education programs are not suggesting any religious point of view”.

Teaching of religion is an matter internal to religious groups and denominations. The curriculum of the religious education are established by the churches and other religious denomination. Authorities of churches and other religious denominations are free to designate the teachers of religion. According to the internal law of the Catholic Church, a teacher of religion must obtain a written referral issued by the bishop in order to teach religion in school.

Teachers of religion are paid from the state budget. Religious education in public school is a voluntary school subject. It is possible to choose between religious education and ethics. The school certificate does not indicate which religious course a student has attended.

For more information see the article "Religion in public education - Poland" of Józef Krukowski (p. 383-398) in Gerhard Robbers (Hrsg.), Religion in Public Education – La religion dans l’éducation publique, European Consortium for Church and State Research, Trier, 2011.

28 septembre 2012