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Relations with other religions

- Law No. 1159 of 24 June 1929 (in Italian) on the legal status of religions other than the Catholic Church (this law now only applies to religions that have not signed agreements according to article 8§3 of the Constitution);

- The laws approving the agreements signed according to article 8§3 of the Constitution, with the following religious groups:
the Waldensian Church (21 February 1984), the Italian Union of the Seventh-Day Adventist Churches (29 December 1986), the Assemblies of God in Italy (29 December 1986), the Union of Jewish Communities in Italy (27 February 1987), the Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Italy (29 March 1993), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Italy (20 April 1993), the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Italy (30 July 2012), the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (30 July 2012), the Apostolic Church in Italy (30 July 2012), the Italian Buddhist Union (31 December 2012) and the Italian Hindu Union Sanatana Dharma Samgha (31 December 2012) (texts in Italian).

An agreements was signed with the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses (20 March 2000) but it has not yet been approved by Parliament due to the political opposition of the current majority which resulted from the 2001 elections.
Negotiations are under way with the Italian Soka Gakkai.

For more information, see :
Le intese con le confessioni religiose, on the Italian government website.
Legal texts about recognized denominations (in Italian), on the Università degli Studi Roma Tre website.

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